Marty Ittner | Tangled Up in Blue


  • Cyanotype encaustic collage starfish  

  • Gallery entrance  

  • Blue Crab / Blue Crap and Phase I, II & III, cyanotypes  

  • Tangled Up in Blue scroll  

  • Dressed to Kill, cyanotype on cotton & Currents II, cyanotype on board  

Tangled Up in Blue

  • 21 Jun

  • Marty

Solo show at Delaplaine Art Center, Frederick, MD • Summer, 2014

The ocean accepts and conceals all that is thrown into it. Tangled Up in Blue dives beneath the surface to expose the final resting place of our plastic waste that co-mingles with and entangles marine life. Cyanotypes, also known as blueprints or sunprints, are made by exposing objects on a light sensitive surface to ultraviolet lighting, such as sunlight. Prints in this exhibit use objects that I found on the street: drink lids, sheeting, fishing line, gloves, and bottles, alongside other collaged elements—even my own body.

Many world worries seem insurmountable, but reducing plastic waste is an issue that everyone can act on. Rethink of plastic as a reusable resource, and remove plastic from your streets, streams and beaches—before it winds up in our blue ocean.