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Marty Ittner

Artist Statement

I bring a background of visual language and environmental activism to my work. I explore improbable pairings of ephemeral images with the underpinnings of printmaking that evoke the natural world. This overlay echoes the presence and influence of humanity and ingenuity on our planet.



Member  Washington Wax Works, A DC Collective of Encaustic Artists

Marty Ittner Graphic Design 

Ex Officio Board President and Board of Directors  Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, Hyattsville, MD, 2011–2018

Former blogger  Screenprint Society


“Ittner places us in the shoes of an archeologist discovering the cultural and natural debris that has been left behind. Each collage is created using variegated layers of wax and paper, forcing the viewer to visually dig through the components. Our reward is discovering fragments of ephemera, organic specimens and incised typographic forms within the framework, leaving the viewer to ponder the cultural significance of these items.” —Eric Hope, Evolve Arts DC